Biblical Love

Through the years I have collected thoughts and writings that have caught my attention.  I don’t know where I ran across this quote on Biblical love to give that person credit, perhaps a jot from a sermon, but I thought I would share it with you to pass on to others.

“Biblical love is not so much how you feel about a certain person, but what you do for that person that shows love.  The Biblical command is to do love, not to feel love.”  (Luke 10:25-27)

I would have to agree this is what our Lord expects from us.


Wandering Friar


Return Journey

I have been away much too long. It was comforting coming home to this blog but I see there are a few things in this place that need tidying up after my absence. Many things have transpired since I last visited here and many new and stimulating books and readings have passed through my eyes and mind. I intend to share some of those discoveries with you here in the months to come if you happen to stop by.

Our life in Christ is, indeed, a journey ~ a journey of awakening and growth both emotionally, intellectually, but most importantly spiritually. Please feel free to comment or share where God has taken you on your spiritual quest. We are all on different paths (” I know the plans that I have for you….”) and we all see different things, read different books, hear words of wisdom from our spiritual leaders. This is how we grow ~ yea ~ this is how God wants us to grow and mature in the measure and stature of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you find your visit here refreshing and relaxing as we both ponder and reflect on the beauty and grandeur of a Holy and Sovereign God.

May God grant you peace,

Resurrection Day

There is no question that the whole of human history pivots around the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  There are some denominations who would insist that our sole focus and attention should be on the crucifixion of the Messiah.  Indeed, this was the important first step in the propitiation of mankind.  However, rather than focus on the excruciating pain and suffering of the Savior on the cross, God would rather we focus our full attention (appropriately) on the joyous, glory-filled brightness of our Lord walking out of a dead man’s tomb.  The cross focuses on darkness, death and defeat.  The resurrection rightly focuses on light, life and victory.

Have a blessed Resurrection Day in the Lord!


A storm is gathering on the horizon.

The following article highlights the fact that the all-out onslaught against Christians has now intensified.  Christian health-care workers (of which I am one) are now going to be forced to make a decision that may result in losing their jobs and, potentially, their licenses to practice.

http://www.worldmag .com/articles/ article.cfm? eid=6F2D8257- 9552-5ECF- 1179CB34060AE1EA.

Up to this point nurses, in any health care setting, had the right to refuse an assignment without recrimination if it involved the murder of the baby in the womb (antiseptically known as “abortion”) if it violated their religious beliefs or personal morals.  Employers were barred by law from terminating the employment of any health care worker for taking this stand.  I, personally, have been placed in this situation and refused to participate in the procedure, as have others.  Doctors, as well, were also covered and were not required to perform abortion procedures as part of their resident training if they, too, found it morally and spiritually reprehensible.

With the passage of this new law, however, all that is out the window.  The legal protection is now gone.  Nurses and doctors now face the dark and looming prospect of actually losing their licenses to practice medicine and provide health care if they, on moral, personal or spiritual grounds, refuse to participate in the murder of the baby in the womb.  With professional licensing boards being increasingly controlled by liberal, left-wing and intolerant individuals, the pressure will increase to “purge” the health care ranks of those who believe the baby in the womb has a right to live.  This is just one example of the far left’s slobbering, vehement desire to rid the country of anyone who disagrees with their amoral and antinomian philosophy.  And this desire is relentless, as is witnessed in the recent ruling just handed down from the Iowa “Supreme” Court striking down that state’s law (read: the will of the people) prohibiting the marriage of homogenital couples.

This article should remove all doubt in people’s minds about the “change” the majority of the American people voted for in the last presidential election cycle.  That “change” clearly is to remove all vestiges of the Christian principles that our country was founded on.  That “change” has now begun in the arena of health care.  As an employee of the Federal Government (VA) I am becoming increasingly concerned as to what type of new “standards of care” or “acts of compliance” or “outcome based practice” may potentially be imposed on Registered Nurses (and all other health care providers) who profess the name of Christ as Savior.

My prayer is that God’s Grace will continue to surround and protect those who have named the Name of Christ in the inevitable coming trying times, and particularly those of us who have dedicated our lives to helping people in need of medical care (including the unborn).  It is abundantly clear that if we (Western culture) continue down this dark and dangerous path that we now find ourselves on, we Christians will find ourselves becoming more and more marginalized.  This new intolerant law now facing health care workers will indeed eventually spread to Christians in all professions and walks of life.  It will become a litmus test for employment everywhere.  We must be prepared for that eventuality.

Our fight, then, is not with each other across denominational or theological boundaries.  Our fight, dear friends, is with the gathering dark storm of evil on the horizon that would eliminate the Christian worldview and influence on our society.  It has been the relentless goal of the evil one since the Garden of Eden to remove God and any sense of moral purity and rightness from the earth.  We must remember who our real enemy is.

Ultimately, however, our hope is in Jesus Christ the final avenger, whose Second Coming (parousia) will right all the wrongs and injustices perpetrated on His people.  It is to this hope that we must cling.

The Lord be with you…..

Wandering Friar

Occasionally there are prophets in every denomination who rise above their party ideology and walls.  LeRoy Garrett is one of those prophets.  Raised in a very exclusive and legalistic wing of Christiandom, he has been for years calling his people to a broader vision and challenging their refusal to associate with other brothers and sisters in Christ outside of their distinction.  I offer the following article by Mr. Garrett because it speaks to all of us – in whatever denomination we may find ourselves.  (This essay was published in Jesus’ Prayer: From A To Z, Edited by Thomas E. Mackey, The Union Christian Foundation, Box 353, Granville, OH 43023, 2007.)


I shall always remember my first visit to Westminster Abbey in London.  On one of the columns near the rear of the chapel was a sign that read Prayers for Christian Unity in this Chapel each Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.

Anglicans praying for the unity of God’s church!  There was nothing incongruous about it especially, although for some time in my life I supposed God did not hear the prayers of Anglicans – nor of Presbyterians or Baptists for that matter.  I was impressed that people in any church would go to the trouble to pray for the unity of Christians.

I had never seen nor heard of any such announcement among my own people.  Moreover, I never,or almost never, hear our people in assembly praying for the unity of Christians.  One may conclude that our folk do not treat the scandal of a divided church with any sense of urgency.

I would like to meet with any of our sisters and brothers, along with any other Christians, who would like to pray – just pray – for the unity of God’s people on earth.  There would be no debating this time, no sermons, and not even any discussion.  The prayers might be intermingled with songs of praise.  We would come and leave quietly, making it a solemn occasion.  The prayers might well include confession of sin for either creating or tolerating a divided church.

I say all this to say: The unity of the Church of Christ on earth will one day be a fact. Unity will come, but … We must believe that it is coming, and that it can be hastened by our dedicated effort.

My main reason for believing that unity will come is because our Lord prayed for it.  Phillip’s translation of that prayer is especially forcefull:  “I am not only praying for these men, but for all those who will believe in me through their message, that they may live in us, that the world may believe that you did send me.”

We must agree with Peter Ainslie:  “The winning of this world to Christ is a big task – the biggest ever undertaken.  It cannot be done by a divided church.  There is no more idle talk than to talk of a divided church winning the world.”

Unity!  So that the world will believe.  That is the way Jesus put it.  When he commissioned his apostles to bear the message to all creatures, he could not have possibly supposed that they could do it divided.

Even amidst all our divisions I propose seven things we can all do to encourage oneness among believers.

1.  Pray unity. Every day we should join our Lord in praying for the unity of all believers.  This will hone our hearts and minds to fulfill that prayer in our own lives.

2.  Think and talk unity. All who love Jesus and seek to emulate his character have a great deal in common.  Don’t think of a neighbor as a Baptist or as a Roman Catholic, but as one with whom we share devotion to Christ.  If we emphasize the things that divide us, we will not hasten the answer to our Lord’s prayer.

3.  Think catholic. Emphasize those universal truths that by their very nature unite, such as the mercy and grace of God.

4.  We don’t have to be the judge. This is a great truth we have going for us.  I am to love and accept you even when I suppose you are wrong, and leave the judging to the Lord.  Let Romans 14:4 be our rule:  “Who are you to judge another man’s servant.  It is before his own master that he stands or falls.”

5.  Grow a conscience for the unity of the church. Let us look for ways in which we can be a “unity movement” in our own lives.  And let us keep in mind Colossians 3:14:  “Above all, put on love which unites all things in perfect harmony.”

6.  Think of the church as one, for it really is. It is the very nature of the church to be one.  Let us take to heart Thomas Campbell’s [founder of the Christian Church/Church of Christ denomination] great proposition:  “The Church of Christ upon earth earth is essentially, intentionally, and constitutionally one.”

7.  Be big-minded. We must be too large-souled to allow trifles to keep us separated from each other.  Let us be magnanimous like Jesus rather than like the Pharisees who had to be right about everything.  “Let your moderation (gentleness) be known to all men” (Phillipians 4:5).

We are not divided over doctrines and practices as much as over attitudes.


I remember watching, as a pre-pubescent boy, my cousins jumping out of the hayloft into a pile of hay on the floor of my uncle’s barn.  Having grown up in the city this was my introduction to “country fun” and I certainly wanted no part of the tomfoolery.  But boys will be boys and soon enough came “the dare” and taunts questioning my young manhood.  So, not wanting to be shown up by my young country bumpkin cousins, and in order to prove that I, too, was brave (stupid?) I climbed the wooden ladder to the hayloft.   Looking down (man, it was a long way down!) I considered my options.  I could 1) tell everyone I didn’t feel good, but that would only intensify the cajoling;  2) climb back down out of the hayloft thus assuring my future as a “chicken”; or, 3) I could jump.  There really was only one choice, so I jumped.

I have spent several years now reading a LOT of blogs.  Mostly religious blogs because of my faith in the grace of God and my intense desire for the Word of God.  I have spent a lifetime searching for the “bottom line” … the pure Truth.  Before there was such a thing as the internet (imagine that) there were only books and magazines which were my companions on my quest.  Today, my faith journey has taken me wandering to far corners and off-the-beaten paths of the blogosphere.  I decided that after doing all this wandering it was time for me to jump – to set up my own blog tabernacle and contribute my drop of water to the sea of digital opinions and thoughts. It is mostly out of a desire to express my own thoughts on various topics concerning Christianity.  My sincere prayer is that you might find at least one little something on this page that will help you on your faith journey.

There will probably not be anything deeply theological or philosophical here.  Just another brother in Christ who wishes to share his thoughts and hopefully meet others of like mind.  Feel free to contribute, but please remember that Christ lives in us so keep things holy.  There is much too much negativism and narcissism in the world today. Christ has not called us to this, but has called us to be positive people thinking of others before thinking of ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by.